1. Is Next Step Healthcare Services Licensed?
Next Step Healthcare Services operates under the requirements of the law and is appropriately licensed based on local and state regulations.
2.How are your employees screened?
We only hire employees who have successfully passed several pre-employment tests to determine dependability, integrity, and tendencies toward abuse. All employees must pass a comprehensive criminal background check and DMV record check. Professional and personal references are confirmed. In addition, we are a drug-free work environment. All of our employees have verified current car insurance, are covered by workman’s compensation and are fully insured. Social Security and I-9 verification are completed.
3. How do we get started?
It is as easy as calling 404.822.2830 to notify us of your need. We will set up an in-home assessment or consultation with you and your family at your convenience to determine specific needs and to develop a comprehensive plan of care. The free initial assessment will be completed by one of our experienced registered nurses.
4. Do I need to pay money upfront?
No. You will only pay for the services we provide once they have been provided and you are completely satisfied.
5. Are there a minimum number of required days and/or hours of service?
Are there a minimum number of required days and/or hours of service?
6. Am I required to sign a long-term contract?
No. Unlike some companies, Next Step does not lock you into a long-term contract, and you are only charged for the actual hours that one of our caregivers is in your home. You will need to sign a Service Agreement showing our commitment to provide the services you need and the days and times you choose. As needs may change, our nurse will always be available to reassess our clients and provide advice for changes in care. You can change or stop service at any time with no penalties.